Lakewood Ranch Republican Club

Florida Republicans Live Meet Win in Lakewood Ranch

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We are a club chartered by the Republican Party of Florida


We provide strong support for all of our Republican Candidates

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We host 2 events each month featuring a Republican leader

As an organization, we strictly adhere to the core values of the Manatee County Republican Party.

Right to Life
Limited Constitutional Government
Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility
Free Enterprise and Free Markets
Fiscal Restraint and Responsibility
Parental Power and Choice for Children's Education
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I am inspired by the presentations and truly enjoy the fellowship of other Republicans attending the meetings.

The food and service are excellent!

Joining is easy! Simply click on the picture on the right.

LWRRC Donates To Dogs, Inc. (Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.)

Commemorating Georgia Armstrong

Dear Ms. Norris,


  On behalf of the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club (the Club), we wanted to thank you for your generous donation in memory of our Club Secretary, Mrs. Georgia Armstrong, who unexpectedly passed away in October 2023. While this acknowledgment may be late in arriving, we wanted you to know that Georgia was so dear to us, as she was to you, that upon discussion with Dr. Norm Armstrong, Georgia’s husband, he decided to match your gift. Whereupon our Club Board of Directors subsequently decided unanimously to match yours and his combined gifts. 

  In consultation with Dr. Armstrong, it was decided that the Club would make a combined donation to the Victims of Communism (VOC) ( ) Foundation, a Florida statewide educational program, in honor of Georgia and her cherished uncle, Chief Petty Officer James E. Williams, United States Navy, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Georgia was very proud of Chief Williams, the most highly decorated enlisted sailor in the history of the United States Navy, and his exploits in protecting the victims of Communism in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War.

  The Club held a commemorative event, with over 80 member attendees, honoring Georgia on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at the Lakewood Ranch Library recognizing your donation, Dr. Armstrong’s donation, and the Club’s donation in the form of a check for $1,000 to the President of the Victims of Communism Foundation (501©3), Colonel Jack May, United States Army, Retired. The purpose of the donation is for the funds to be applied toward scholarship awards to high school students who compete in the VOC’s Annual Essay Competitions. As we understand that you were an educator, we hope that this combined donation aligns with your charitable interest in fostering the next generation of young Americans and suitably honors Georgia’s life.

  We thank you! Georgia was a wonderful person, and we all miss her very much! We wanted you to know that our collective memory of her will vibrantly live on with this gift.


Most sincerely yours,



Walter K. Steiner


Lakewood Ranch Republican Club


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Hear FL-72 Candidates May 15 Luncheon

Hear Eddie SPEIR at the March 2 Breakfast

Hear Loren Spivack at the January 9 Luncheon

Hear Commissioner Ray Turner (District 5) at the October 18 Luncheon

Hear Bruce Stamm at the LWRRC October Breakfast on Division in America.

Read Commissioner George Kruse’s Post on Substack Concerning Homes for Veterans.